Training & Assignments

Field Training Program

All academy graduates and all pre-certified officers will have to complete the 12-week Field Training Program.

The Field Training Program is divided into three phases. The first two phases are for training and evaluation. During each of the three phases, recruits will be assigned to a different field training officer, a different shift, and to a different area of the city.

In the third phase, recruit officers will be evaluated on whether they can function as a solo patrol officer. During each phase of the Field Training Program, recruit officers will be observed and evaluated.

Experienced recruits may be eligible for an accelerated Field Training Program.

Specialized Assignments

  • Certified Instructor
  • Code Enforcement
  • Community Relations
  • Criminal Investigation
  • Drug Investigation
  • Field Training Officer
  • K-9
  • Police Mountain Bike Patrol
  • Professional Standards
  • Special Events Coordinator
  • Special Response Team/SWAT
  • Traffic Enforcement (Motorcycle)
  • Traffic Homicide Investigation