Banner Design Contest

The banner design contest is now closed. Please check back as the winners will be announced in the coming weeks.

The City of Mount Dora is seeking local artists to submit banner designs to be displayed on the light poles downtown. Designs should illustrate what makes Mount Dora “Someplace Special.” Up to 3 designs will be awarded and receive an $800 cash prize. Individual artists may submit up to 3 designs each.

The contest submission deadline is Monday, October 7, 2019. Please submit your designs by email to See below for a complete list of rules and requirements.

Do you know someone who would be interested in entering the contest? Download the contest flyer and help spread the word to your friends, family members, and neighbors.

Rules and Requirements Q&As

What is the purpose of the contest?

Artists are asked to illustrate what makes Mount Dora “Someplace Special.” Through their submissions, artists can help create a unique sense of place and foster a stimulating environment that reflects and enhances the City’s heritage, diversity, and character.

Who is sponsoring the contest?

The City of Mount Dora is sponsoring the contest in order to inspire an ongoing commitment to public art and to create a new generation of artworks in the City.

Who is eligible to enter the contest?

Lake County residents, Lake County property owners, and persons maintaining a Post Office address in Mount Dora are eligible to enter the contest. Artists of all ages are encouraged to submit their work; however, artists under the age of 18 must also have a parent or guardian sign their consent form in addition to their own signature.

What is the contest prize?

Each winning design will be prominently displayed on light poles throughout the downtown area and will receive an $800 cash prize.

How many winners will be chosen?

Up to 3 designs will be awarded from one or multiple artists. The number of banners displayed will vary based on the number of winning designs. For example, if 1 design is selected, it will be displayed on approximately 150 banners; if 3 designs are selected, each will be displayed on approximately 50 banners.

How many designs can an artist submit?

An individual artist may submit up to 3 designs with the potential that all 3 of their designs will be selected and 3 separate $800 cash prizes awarded. Artists may also collaborate and submit a joint design.

How do I submit a banner design?

Email your designs as JPG files to JPGs should be no larger than 3MB and no smaller than 1MB. Please save and title your JPGs according to the following file naming convention: Last Name,First Name_Title,Size of original artwork. For example: Smith,John_Sunset,18x37.

Your email should also include:

  • Subject line: Banner Design Contest Entry.
  • Your name, mailing address, email address, phone number, the title of your work, the medium used to create the designs, and the size of the original artwork.
  • A signed consent form.
  • A 150-word description of the design, explaining how it relates to the contest theme (highly recommended).

What’s the deadline to submit a design?

The contest deadline is Monday, October 7, 2019. Late submissions will not be accepted.

What are the banner specifications?

Banners will be printed on 18” x 37” high-quality poly canvas and mounted on 13’ light poles. Download a specifications sheet for more information and to see an example of an actual display. Artists should take into account that the banners will not be seen up close.

What are the design specifications?

Designs should fit or be easily adapted (minor cropping or stretching) to 18” x 37” sized banners. Please ensure that your design retains its integrity at those specifications. Original designs should not include any text or descriptive words such as “Mount Dora” or “Someplace Special.” No logos are to be used.

How will the designs be judged?

Banner designs will be judged through a blind review process and evaluated based on quality of the artwork and appropriateness of the design to the theme.

When and how will the winners be notified?

In the case of a tie, those selected for a second round of judging will be notified via email by Monday, October 28, 2019. Contests winners will be notified via email by Monday, November 11, 2019.

What happens if I’m selected for a second round of judging?

Artists selected for a second round will be asked to submit high-resolution JPG files. Failure to submit a high-resolution file will result in disqualification from the contest. At this stage, artists may also be asked to submit the original artwork for additional consideration.

When will the banners be installed?

Our target date for banner installation is mid-January 2020. The City will cover the cost of printing and installation.

Are there any limitations to the artwork that will be accepted?

Banner designs must be original pieces, which are not copyrighted. They may be previously designed pieces from an artist’s portfolio, so long as the designs have not been sold to a third party or selected as a winner in a similar contest or copyrighted. Designs previously displayed in art shows are acceptable. Artists may use any medium to create their designs, but the final piece must be able to be scanned into a JPG file to print on banners.

Who retains the rights to the winning designs, and how may they be used?

By entering the contest, artists agree that if their design wins, it will be displayed by the City for promotional, educational, or other purposes without notice and without any additional compensation beyond the initial cash prize. The City reserves the right to alter or modify the winning designs at its discretion. Your submission is your guarantee that you are the creator of the uncopyrighted design. The original version of the winning design will remain the property of the artist, and the artist may take any steps necessary to legally protect his or her ownership interest, after the contest, including copyrighting the design, or may otherwise use the original work as the artist deems appropriate, so long as the design is not used in a manner that would be considered adverse to the image of the City or in any way interfere with the City’s rights to utilize the design as it deems appropriate. Artists may maintain ownership or choose to sell, grant, gift, or otherwise transfer ownership of the original version of a winning design so long as the new owner agrees that the City has the right to utilize the design free of interference.

More questions?

Email, subject line: Banner Design Contest Question.